How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Seemingly well-educated young journalist has no clue about how and why America was founded.

  2. In its zeal to attack Ted Cruz, MSM somehow suggests it is wrong for him to follow the law on Obamacare.

  3. The giggling racists on MSNBC said Ted Cruz's affection for country music related to his desire to "kill Muslims"

  4. Everything the WH said about Bowe Bergdahl was wrong.

  5. Networks ignore IG report that said Hillary Clinton's brother benefitted from favoritism and special access at Homeland Security.

  6. Hillary Clinton jokes about her press avoidance in front of reporters and they applaud her.

  7. Study finds that Washington Post fact checker scrutinizes Republicans more than twice as often as Democrats.

  8. Another NYT columnist takes aim at a Republican and misses, resulting in three corrections.

  9. Black is white! Ted Cruz's statement on global warming is 100% true but liberal fact checker declares "Mostly False."

  10. Whoops, smartest president ever gets Afghan President's name wrong at joint press conference.

How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Dick Durbin calls all GOP Senators racist and Illinois media completely ignores.

  2. CNN was rooting for a Netanyahu loss.

  3. MSNBC interviews Netanyahu after his stunning victory and criticizes him for snubbing Obama.

  4. Katie Couric defends Hillary in interview with Romney.

  5. Chicago Tribune acts as if its own archives on Islamic terrorism don't exist.

  6. Another over-the-top scare story saying sea level is about to rise 10 feet.

  7. EPA now wants to monitor hotel showers.

  8. Obama wants mandatory voting and he isn't mocked off the planet by MSM.

  9. CNN's media watchdog show's ratings plunge as it spirals leftward.

  10. Hillary says we need more adult camps in America because there's a fun deficit and no mocking ensues. Can you imagine if Sarah Palin said this?

How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. NYT crops George and Laura Bush out of the Selma picture.

  2. Democrats and their media allies first called GOP Sen. Tom Cotton's letter on Iran unpatriotic and then racist.

  3. As the Left cried foul over Tom Cotton's Iran letter, what the MSM didn't tell you was Barack Obama secretly killed George W. Bush's 2008 Iran talks.

  4. The national media refuses to accept the notion that it helped fuel unrest in Ferguson by misreporting nearly all aspects of the case.

  5. Bloomberg reporter falsely claims that Republicans want to see Hillary Clinton's private emails.

  6. Laughable Washington Post "fact check" refuses to declare GOP Sen. Ted Cruz's obviously true statement true, because, well, they don't like Ted Cruz.

  7. Politico airbrushes Lois Lerner's previous targeting of a prominent conservative after spending hours gathering the information.

  8. EPA chief says she has no idea whether climate models have been right or wrong last 18 years.

  9. Not a fake headline: "Man-made' climate change a major woman's problem"

  10. Another startling global warming claim: Mummies disappearing.

When NBC deep-sixed a Lisa Myers story about Hillary Clinton

by Dan Curry

Former NBC investigative reporter Lisa Myers is traveling the country saying that her network refused to air negative stories about many Democratic politicians in the last decade. One, regarding Hillary's Clinton's sleazy relationship with an Illinois company that sexually harassed nearly 100 women, was a story I helped her on.

Myers had the story ready for broadcast on NBC in 2008, but it never aired. Instead it was relegated to the MSNBC website. The story has disappeared from the MSNBC site, but exists on several other sites, including this one. She was frustrated at the time and never told me why, but it was obvious — her bosses didn't want to attack Hillary Clinton.

Myers' 2008 online story described the harassment.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has declined to return $170,000 in campaign contributions from individuals at a company accused of widespread sexual harassment, and whose CEO is a disbarred lawyer with a criminal record, federal campaign records show.

The federal government has accused the Illinois management consulting firm, International Profit Associates, or IPA, of a brazen pattern of sexual harassment including "sexual assaults," "degrading anti-female language" and "obscene suggestions."

In a 2001 lawsuit full of lurid details, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims that 103 women employees at IPA were victimized for years. The civil case is ongoing, and IPA vigorously denies the allegations.

"This is by far, hands down, the worst case I've ever experienced," said Diane Smason, one of the EEOC lawyers handling the lawsuit. "Every woman there experienced sex harassment, they were part of a hostile work environment of sex harassment. And this occurred from the top down."

Hillary has been stonewalling this issue since a 2006 front page story in the New York Times outlined Bill and Hillary's close connection to IPA. She told the Times back then she'd consider returning the money. She never did. Then she told Myers in 2008 she'd consider returning the money once the EEOC's sexual harassment case against IPA was resolved. It is 2015, the case has long been resolved, and no money has been returned. Hillary still has the money earned by the company that made a practice of sexual assaulting and harassing dozens of women.

Dozens of politicians, including imprisoned ex-governor Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama, long ago returned IPA money while Hillary stubbornly held it. (The company has since been reconstituted under another name).

Hillary no longer has the "pending lawsuit" excuse for not returning the money. In 2011, the federal EEOC finally defeated IPA in court with an $8 million consent decree awarded to 82 women, in what the government called the longest-running sexual harassment case in EEOC history.

Donna Brazile insists this time Hillary Clinton is going to champion women's issues in her repeat run for President. I wonder if Hlllary will talk about the women of IPA and why $170,000 in campaign contributions and a ride in a corporate jet was more important to her than standing up for them.