Hillary campaign makes fools of reporters and they like it

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Of course Politico praises Hillary Clinton's weird campaign "rollout."

  2. While MSM fawns over Hillary, Fox reports she was refusing to answer Congressional inquiries as far back as 2012.

  3. NBC's Chuck Todd gushes over originality of Hillary van tour, then is informed she did same thing in previous Senate race.

  4. Delusional MSM reporter Mark Halperin scoffs at those who say journalists are protecting Hillary Clinton.

  5. It took a foreign newspaper to notice that Hillary Clinton's "spontaneous" Iowa event was full of plants.

  6. MSM says "Welcome to the NFL" when GOP presidential candidate complains about tough questions. Hillary simply refuses to answer any and MSM calls her savvy.

  7. Another MSM journalist, Politico's Roger Simon, says after Hillary Clinton avoided all media questions: "I would give her high marks for this trip."

  8. New York Times kicks off NRA Convention coverage with a massive lie.

  9. Valerie Jarrett hugs and kisses "journalists" on MSNBC set before "interview."

  10. Liberal columnist Dana Milbank attempts to slam GOP over Iran deal and fails miserably.

How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. AP defends a Rolling Stone reporter who made up a gang rape story at the University of Virginia.

  2. When DNC asks Rand Paul a question, MSM insists he answer. When Rand Paul throws a question back to the DNC, crickets.

  3. With all of his foreign policy failures fresh in memory, NPR allows Barack Obama to condescendingly bash Scott Walker's foreign policy skills without any follow-ups.

  4. Absurd Tribune/AP story about "climate change" supposedly causing Malia Obama's asthma.

  5. NYT editorial proclaims Republican base moving right without noticing how far left the Democrat base has moved.

  6. University of Michigan reverses its decision to ban the movie American Sniper after conservative media reported on the initial censorship.

  7. Laughable comment by MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that Rand Paul has to be prepared to answer questions "the way Barack Obama did" when he first ran for President.

  8. CNN's weeklong hatefest against Christians in Indiana was a ratings bust.

  9. Every two weeks or so, the New York Times proclaims the Republican Party is in trouble in the election ahead. This time Indiana is the problem, the liberal paper says.

  10. NYT puts scare quotes around religious freedom.

How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. They sure do like to put extremist labels on conservatives at the New York Times.

  2. National and local media blatantly lying about Indiana's religious freedom law.

  3. Connecticut Governor announces state travel ban to Indiana over RFRA, forgets his state has similar law.

  4. CNN lectures GA florist about the Bible.

  5. Indiana Governor is harangued by former Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos.

  6. Local and national media smear an Indiana pizza store with false reporting, leading to death threats.

  7. MSNBC's Ed Schultz is losing the argument so he shuts off microphone on conservative.

  8. MSM almost completely ignores DOJ's refusal to prosecute IRS' Lois Lerner.

  9. Las Vegas editor spiked column critical of Democrat Harry Reid.

  10. Conservative media reveals EPA hiring "storytelling trainers" to talk about "diversity."

Pence's Sunday blunder

by Dan Curry

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana made a big mistake Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. He went on the show to clear up confusion over his state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act and walked face forward into a liberal buzzsaw.

Pence made a mistake conservative politicians often make — they believe common sense and the truth will win out in such an interview. How many times will conservatives watch liberal hosts like Stephanopoulos act as agents of the Democratic Party before it will sink in?

Conservatives like Pence have to prepare for rhetorical battle against liberal hosts just as they would against an opponent in a debate. Pence came on the show and had some solid talking points but Stephanopoulos threw him off his game by insisting he answer whether the law could be used by business owners to not provide services to gays.

Pence's specific mistake was not war gaming questions like that beforehand, and not knowing the material better than Stephanopoulos. Conservatives only win in these circumstances if they know the subject better than the hosts and can throw them off their game. They must learn to play offense, not defense (See Ted Cruz).

Pence also erred by not calling Stephanopoulos out for carrying Democrats' water by repeating exactly all the distortive liberal talking points. Conservatives must make liberal journalists pay a price for their blatant liberal narrative pimping.

A few lines like this would have chilled George out:

  • George, if you had done your homework on RFRA you would understand that the rights of gays have never been impinged by these laws. So I don't know why you are obsessing over something that never has happened and won't happen under our law.

  • Again, George, the only questions you are asking me mirror exactly Democratic talking points, which are false and misleading. You and they are trying to promote a narrative that doesn't exist.

  • George, it is no surprise a few corporations are disturbed by this. LIberal journalists have presented such a false, misleading picture of our law that this was inevitable. We plan to talk to entities like Angie's List and give them the real facts, not the distorted liberal narratives being promoted by the news media.

If conservatives are going to go on shows like Stephanopoulos,' they better be prepared to do battle. If not, they should decline the invitation.