New Yorker air brushes GOP field to fit liberal narrative

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. CNN's Chris Cuomo tries to compare showing a Mohammad cartoon with saying the "N" word.

  2. New Yorker eliminates women and minorities from GOP presidential field to make anti-GOP point.

  3. DC Metro suspends all ads because it doesn't want to show one that might be offensive to certain Muslims.

  4. Obama EPA massively rewrites Clean Water Act to include regulation of muddy farm puddles while MSM ignores.

  5. Barack Obama continues to make false statements about "global warming" without correction from the national media.

  6. Networks link El-Nino inspired floods in Texas to "global warming."

  7. With new scandals emerging everyday about the Clintons' finances, ABC instead decides to devote airtime to a story about Hillary's hair color.

  8. Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby continues to display behavior indicative of a prosecutor pursuing a political agenda rather than justice.

  9. Shady Hillary advisor was paid $10,000-a-month by the Clinton Foundation while he was advising her on national security matters as Secretary of State.

  10. As world devolves into chaos, liberal media seems more concerned about Obama's legacy.

Less than quarter of America believes media is unbiased

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. A new poll predicts that only 23 percent of reporters will provide unbiased coverage of the 2016 campaign.

  2. Politico's absurd story about GOP voters dying off that doesn't mention that as voters age, they trend Republican.

  3. Ted Cruz schools a reporter apparently fixated on one topic.

  4. Networks protect Obama by not mentioning his withdrawl from Iraq led to the fall of Ramadi.

  5. Instead of reporting on Obama's failure in Iraq, networks coo over his opening of a Twitter account.

  6. According to a New York Times reporter, Hillary's ducking of the press is a GOP problem.

  7. In a nearly incoherent argument, the Left complains that media coverage of the Waco biker shootout is not compared to Ferguson and Baltimore.

  8. WH spokesman says Obama's Iraq is a success and barely gets blowback from a comatose national press corps.

  9. President Obama makes a series of false statements about climate and there are no "fact checkers" to correct him — only the conservative press.

  10. A gay-obsessed news media and popular culture results in young adults believing in a poll that 30 percent of Americans are gay, when the real number is less than 2 percent.

Former Clinton aide turned TV host still a Clinton donor

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. ABC's news host George Stephanopoulos has to admit he donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation after publicly downplaying scandals related to the organization.

  2. TV networks, like canaries singing in unison, push Amtrak funding angle after Philadelphia crash when funding appears to have nothing to do with the tragedy.

  3. Amtrak has been a dismal financial failure, something you will never learn from following the mainstream media.

  4. President Obama slams those who send their children to private schools when he does the same thing.

  5. Incredibly, President Obama blames Fox News for poverty and the mainstream media allows the outlandish statement to pass virtually unreported on.

  6. Hillary Clinton continues to duck the news media and receives very little blowback.

  7. Out of control EPA now going after nail salons without a questioning word from the news media.

  8. Bloomberg's Mark Halperin finally apologizes after racially insensitive interview with Sen. Ted Cruz, a Cuban-American.

  9. Senate Democrats hand President Obama a stinging defeat on trade bill and some of the networks don't even cover it.

  10. Bond rating agency downgrades Chicago to junk status, indicating a massive financial failure. Even though the city is run by a close Obama crony, the national media yawns and barely covers the story.

Newsweek claims global warming caused Nepal earthquake

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Before Hillary has even answered a question on the Foundation scandal, CNN suggests GOP might be "overreaching."

  2. Former Clinton lackey and current ABC news host accuses "Clinton Cash" author of having a partisan bias and the whole world doesn't break out in laughter.

  3. CNN has a paid commentator who openly advocates violent riots.

  4. NPR cuts moving story about George W. Bush from its interview with Dana Perino.

  5. CNN anchor blames military veterans for unrest in Baltimore.

  6. Apparently, everyone in America is responsible for the Baltimore riots except the rioters.

  7. Obama orders a Time reporter to stop videotaping him in public and reporter dutifully complies.

  8. Newsweek is getting blowback from readers for its outlandish claim that global warming caused the Nepal earthquake.

  9. Washington Post continues protecting Obama on the economy by blaming sluggish economy on cold weather.

  10. Another liberal "fact-check" organization contorts to label a true statement by a conservative as false.