How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Reporters are covering the Hillary email story, but at half-speed.

  2. As usual, it is not the media seeking information on Hillary scandal — it is Judicial Watch.

  3. While one-half of the news media slow-walks Hillary coverage, others are circling the wagons for her.

  4. Networks mentioned "hands up, don't shoot" 140 times. It turns out that narrative was entirely false. No apologies forthcoming.

  5. Heather Mac Donald demonstrates that the DOJ used junk science to label Ferguson policing as "racist."

  6. Networks and most of media ignore revelation that the IRS inspector general is opening a criminal investigation into whether the agency hid emails sought by Congress.

  7. Another liberal media attack on Scott Walker misfires.

  8. Horribly biased Carol Costello at CNN berates St. Louis police union spokesman over Ferguson DOJ report.

  9. Chris Matthews of MSNBC comes unhinged when talking about Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

  10. Scientist responds to being smeared by the Left for not toeing the line on Global Warming.

How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Networks mostly ignore blockbuster story about Clinton Foundation taking money from foreign governments.

  2. After the flap over Obama loving America, a new poll says most of America thinks he does not love his country.

  3. NYT does a hit piece on a respected climate scientist who was getting too close to the truth for the Grey Lady's liking.

  4. The national media continues to beclown itself in pursuit of Scott Walker.

  5. WaPo does class warfare hit piece on Jeb Bush's wife's legal jewelry purchases many years ago.

  6. Al Roker tells Larry King that snowstorms are part of climate change.

  7. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper calls 2014 the most lethal year for global terrorism on same day Secretary of State John Kerry says we are safer than ever.

  8. Despite efforts by MSM to pump up attacks on Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, the Mother Jones-inspired hit job falls flat as Fox ratings soar.

  9. Associated Press' gets in one last gasp of media bias in the Trayvon Martin case as DOJ announces no charges will be filed against his shooter.

  10. U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin outrageously compares opposition to AG nominee Loretta Lynch to Selma as MSM ignores.

Rubio answer good but not perfect

by Dan Curry

Conservative pundits are saying Marco Rubio's answer to the Rudy Giuliani manufactured outrage of the week is "perfect." It was very good but not perfect.

In case you missed it this week, Democrats and their allies in the national media are doing what they always do — trying to punish Republicans for controversial statements of other Republicans.

I could see the journalistic justification if the same reporters required Democrats to respond to controversial statements by other Democrats. But journalists don't. Therefore the entire exercise is a partisan attack and should be treated as such by Republicans unless they want to be the news media's prey.

In cases like this, I advise conservative political figures to:

1) Deliver a sharp attack on Democrats in your answer. Make them pay a price for their partisanship.

2) Deliver a sharp attack on the media. Expose the question as a proxy for Democrats.

3) Don't answer the question directly. If you do #1 and #2, the news media is still going to cover the answer to their slanted question. Don't provide it.

Here's what Rubio said today in response:

I don’t feel like I’m in a position to have to answer for every person in my party that makes a claim. Democrats aren’t asked to answer every time Joe Biden says something embarrassing, so I don’t know why I should answer every time a Republican does. I’ll suffice it to say that I believe the President loves America; I think his ideas are bad.

Rubio followed #1 and #2 but not #3. His last sentence should have been something like: "I don't know what is in Barack Obama's heart, but I do know his ideas and policies are bad."

By tweaking his answer a little bit he would prevent liberal reporters from saying: "Rubio disagrees with Rudy's claim that Obama doesn't love America."

Certainly, from a tactical point of view, Rubio's answer was better than most others but it wasn't perfect.

How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. NYT columnist Gail Collins attacked Scott Walker for teacher layoffs before he became Governor. The conservative blogosphere noted the huge mistake and a few days later a weasley correction appeared.

  2. One of the most remarkable screw-ups by law enforcement, the news media and Northwestern University led to a $40 million lawsuit filed by an innocent man framed by all of the obove. Here is my summary of the case.

  3. One reason never to trust the government and media without skepticism — they were wrong about cholesterol for 40 years.

  4. The Obama administration spent the week making weird statements trying to minimize the danger of radical Islamic terrorism. The national press barely noticed....

  5. ....But Obama's Praetorian Guard in the Mainstream Media came immediately to his defense when Rudy Giuliani took a hard shot at their Precious about his patriotism...

  6. ...Meanwhile, Obama said GOP rhetoric could help ISIS and the Mainstream Media didn't find that assertion offensive.

  7. AP's climate change propaganda commissar Seth Borenstein says super droughts are coming even though all current climate models have proven wrong.

  8. Looks like there were WMDs in Iraq after all. NYT says 400 warheads filled with nerve gas were found and shipped out.

  9. Did you hear that in our hasty retreat from Yemen, we left exposed sensitive national security information? Of course, only Fox covered it.

  10. National media gushes over Obama's selfie offensive while the public mocked it. Local columnist Lynn Sweet even described Obama's video as "hilarious."