Newsweek claims global warming caused Nepal earthquake

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Before Hillary has even answered a question on the Foundation scandal, CNN suggests GOP might be "overreaching."

  2. Former Clinton lackey and current ABC news host accuses "Clinton Cash" author of having a partisan bias and the whole world doesn't break out in laughter.

  3. CNN has a paid commentator who openly advocates violent riots.

  4. NPR cuts moving story about George W. Bush from its interview with Dana Perino.

  5. CNN anchor blames military veterans for unrest in Baltimore.

  6. Apparently, everyone in America is responsible for the Baltimore riots except the rioters.

  7. Obama orders a Time reporter to stop videotaping him in public and reporter dutifully complies.

  8. Newsweek is getting blowback from readers for its outlandish claim that global warming caused the Nepal earthquake.

  9. Washington Post continues protecting Obama on the economy by blaming sluggish economy on cold weather.

  10. Another liberal "fact-check" organization contorts to label a true statement by a conservative as false.

New Yorker says foreign donation scandal could help Hillary

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. New Yorker amusingly says the Clinton Foundation scandal could "help Hillary."

  2. Democrat CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tries to dismiss Hillary Clinton foreign money scandal by repeating absurd Democrat talking points.

  3. Washington Post reporter insists MSM is not biased in favor of Hillary Clinton.

  4. New York Times editorial writer calls Ted Cruz's Second Amendment views "strange." He responds with this right cross.

  5. Four MSNBC hosts are tax deadbeats and remain on the air.

  6. President Obama burns more than 9,000 gallons of jet fuel traveling to the Everglades to make outlandish claims about climate change.

  7. MSNBC's Chris Hayes tries to rewrite history of Iraq War and gets slapped down.

  8. MSM shrugs its shoulders after it was learned Obama administration has been lying about Iran nuclear "breakout" times for months.

  9. Latest CNN race-baiting campaign is failing miserably in the ratings.

  10. Democrats raise money by lying about the climate and MSM ignores.

Hillary campaign makes fools of reporters and they like it

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. Of course Politico praises Hillary Clinton's weird campaign "rollout."

  2. While MSM fawns over Hillary, Fox reports she was refusing to answer Congressional inquiries as far back as 2012.

  3. NBC's Chuck Todd gushes over originality of Hillary van tour, then is informed she did same thing in previous Senate race.

  4. Delusional MSM reporter Mark Halperin scoffs at those who say journalists are protecting Hillary Clinton.

  5. It took a foreign newspaper to notice that Hillary Clinton's "spontaneous" Iowa event was full of plants.

  6. MSM says "Welcome to the NFL" when GOP presidential candidate complains about tough questions. Hillary simply refuses to answer any and MSM calls her savvy.

  7. Another MSM journalist, Politico's Roger Simon, says after Hillary Clinton avoided all media questions: "I would give her high marks for this trip."

  8. New York Times kicks off NRA Convention coverage with a massive lie.

  9. Valerie Jarrett hugs and kisses "journalists" on MSNBC set before "interview."

  10. Liberal columnist Dana Milbank attempts to slam GOP over Iran deal and fails miserably.

How your media deceived you this week...

by Dan Curry

This week's list of most blatant media distortions, bias, or cheerleading for Democrats:

  1. AP defends a Rolling Stone reporter who made up a gang rape story at the University of Virginia.

  2. When DNC asks Rand Paul a question, MSM insists he answer. When Rand Paul throws a question back to the DNC, crickets.

  3. With all of his foreign policy failures fresh in memory, NPR allows Barack Obama to condescendingly bash Scott Walker's foreign policy skills without any follow-ups.

  4. Absurd Tribune/AP story about "climate change" supposedly causing Malia Obama's asthma.

  5. NYT editorial proclaims Republican base moving right without noticing how far left the Democrat base has moved.

  6. University of Michigan reverses its decision to ban the movie American Sniper after conservative media reported on the initial censorship.

  7. Laughable comment by MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that Rand Paul has to be prepared to answer questions "the way Barack Obama did" when he first ran for President.

  8. CNN's weeklong hatefest against Christians in Indiana was a ratings bust.

  9. Every two weeks or so, the New York Times proclaims the Republican Party is in trouble in the election ahead. This time Indiana is the problem, the liberal paper says.

  10. NYT puts scare quotes around religious freedom.